When you switch from Loadrunner to JMeter you might want to convert your existing tests into JMeter. You can move to perform the transition smoothly and within minimum time with Loadium and start enjoying the benefits of Apache JMeter – Best LoadRunner Alternative – for your load testing activities.

Convert Loadrunner scripts to JMeter compatible scripts with the least re-work effort.

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JMeter vs Loadrunner: Which One is Better for Performance Testing?

▪️Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is one of the most used performance testing tools for developers. It is available in an open-source format, which makes it highly accessible to software businesses of all sizes.

What makes JMeter unique is that it’s extremely versatile despite being open-source. Moreover, Loadium with JMeter offers software testers the opportunity to test their applications for both dynamic and static resources, such as queries, servers, logs, scripts, and files. Similarly, testers can also inspect applications with heavy load applications and evaluate their robustness and performance against varying load types.

Lastly, Loadium is also highly extensible and therefore, compatible with a number of third-party integrations and plug-ins. These plug-ins and third-party tools provide you additional software testing features.

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HP Loadrunner (now Micro-Focus Loadrunner) is a software performance testing tool that detects and prevents performance issues in web applications. It specializes in detecting bottlenecks before the application enters the implementation or the deployment phase.

Loadrunner is not open source, and is owned by the technology giant Hewlett Packard. Therefore, the code of the application is not available to users. So, if you need a feature, you need to wait for a development roadmap.

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  • Data extraction in popular response formats, such as JSON, XML, HTML, etc
  • Command-line interface for high-level configuration.
  • Test recording for native applications and browsers.
  • Easily integrated with plug-ins and third-party tools.
  • Readily available plug-ins for visualization and data analysis.
  • Easy to install.
  • Highly extensible and portable.
  • Unlimited load generation capacity.
  • Memory consumption for the application can be high when used in GUI mode
  • After a certain limit, high memory consumption causes errors for a large numberof users. But Loadium solves this problem seamlessly.
  • Can be difficult to test complex applications using JavaScript or dynamic content, such as CSRF tokens. Loadium eliminates this problem easily.

Is JMeter a Viable Open-Source Best LoadRunner Alternative? Absolutely Yes!

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  • Supports a Wide Range of Apps
  • Root Cause Analytics
  • Refined user interface
  • Enables users to test a variety of applications including mobile, .NET, Java, SOAP, Flex, HTML 5, ERP, legacy, GWT, Silverlight, Ajax, and Citrix
  • Extremely expensive
  • Debugging capability needs improvement
  • Uses a lot of memory and crashes if the system cannot meet its computing requirements
  • May have compatibility issues
  • Needs improvement in dump analysis and the subsequent results forwarding
  • Usage license based on the number of virtual users
  • Limited load generation capacity

Head to Head Comparisons Between JMeter vs LoadRunner

AvailabilityApache JMeter is an open source, free software testing tool that can be easily downloaded for performing any test.LoadRunner is an expensive software testing tool. It has recently released free trial versions but it cannot be simply downloaded for use.
Load Generation Capacity

JMeter has an unlimited load generation capacity.

 LoadRunner has a limited load generation capacity.

Execution is easier in JMeter. You just need to install Java, download JMeter and upload the JMeter script file.

Execution is complex as compared to JMeter. It creates one thread for each user.
Analysis Report

Results are easy to understand for less experienced engineers, and also allows in-depth analysis for testers with more know-how.

The information is in a raw format which is parsed by HP Analysis to generate various graphs.
Open-Source & Community Support

It has a vibrant community and supports users who run into issues and problems.

It is owned by a large corporate, limiting the number of users.


You can run a complete load test without knowing a bit of code in JMeter.

LoadRunner, on the other hand, requires scripting knowledge.

Building Test Scenarios

JMeter doesn’t require adding beginning or ending transaction elements.

LoadRunner is more complex because it requires managing different agents.

Adding elements is easy on JMeter as compared to LoadRunner.

Configuring each element is more complex in LoadRunner.

Now that you know the differences between JMeter and Loadrunner, check out  JMeter by Loadium, a high performing load testing tool with a network of more than 1,000 satisfied customers across the globe.

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JMeter Integrations

Apache JMeter can integrate with other applications and business systems that include Jenkins, JSUnit, Visual Studio, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic and more.

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