Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching, so now is your final time to review your prior year’s company performance and do the homework. These three events, together with Winter sales, account for the highest load in internet traffic. E-commerce and mobile apps face the most traffic and are expected to generate the most revenue.

Undoubtedly, e-commerce and customer trust are increasing, but so are user needs, which include both web sites and applications. The performance of websites, software, and mobile devices is more crucial than ever.
To avoid Black Friday dissatisfaction, just begin improving and preparing the performance of your website and mobile applications EARLY. Don’t forget that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just the beginning of the Holiday season.

How to Have a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We provide our clients with a simple checklist for performance testing prior to sales, particularly peak sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  1. Begin early. This way, you’ll have enough time before peak season to resolve any bottlenecks discovered during testing. There are various tools available right now to test your performance, like

  2. Request professional QA assistance in determining the causes of test outcomes. What is causing your system to underperform? Are the images or video in the mobile version excessively large? How many people might visit your website or mobile app at the same time? Is this the number you expect for the holidays, or is it less?

  3. Avoid running testing during peak hours. You wouldn’t wish that your customer would be in the middle of a purchase when the website crashes.

  4. Prioritize. If you don’t have enough time, test the most frequently visited pages or the maximum load your system can withstand. This allows you to modify your campaign to lessen or share the burden that users generate.

  5. Don’t get weighed down by an infinite variety of testing tools. Our promise of performance and load testing tools can save you time and money.

Start your tests with Loadium now, don’t disappoint your visitors later…