Pre-Defined Beanshell Variables in JMeter

The most essential and commonly used JMeter API classes available to BeanShell components are listed in the following section. Let's deep down pre-defined beanshell variables in JMeter and more... The following is found at the bottom of the BeanShell sampler component: For the script, the following variables are defined: "SampleResult, ResponseCode, ResponseMessage, IsSuccess, Label, FileName, ctx, vars, props, log” Sample Result It corresponds to the org.apache.jmeter.samplers class in JMeter. All of the javadoc's fields and methods may be accessed and invoked. Here's an example of a scenario: ​ getUrlAsString currentURL = SampleResult.getUrlAsString currentURL = SampleResult.getUrlAsString current () ResponseCode The [...]

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How to Use JMeter’s Favorite Built-in Component: BeanShell

One of the most sophisticated JMeter built-in components is BeanShell. It understands Java syntax and adds scripting capabilities such as loose types, commands, and method closures. If your test case is unusual, and implementing it using integrated JMeter components is difficult or impossible, BeanShell might be a great way to fulfill your goals. In this post, you will learn this great way, namely how to use BeanShell. BeanShell entities in JMeter have access to both internal JMeter APIs and any external classes loaded into the JMeter classpath (be sure to drop required jars into your JMeter installation's /lib/ext folder [...]

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BeanShell Processor Tutorial 2: Advanced Usage

BeanShell is the most powerful component of Apache JMeter. You can execute any Java code by using BeanShell scripts. If you are new to BeanShell, please take a look basic usage of BeanShell Processor. In this BeanShell tutorial, I want to deep dive into BeanShell  and show you some other example of its usage. If you're familiar with Java or any other language, it is very easy to get used to it. Sample 1: Dealing with Dates Dates are the most frightening component of any developer and testers also. In case you need deal with dynamic dates during your test, [...]

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BeanShell Processor Tutorial 1: Basic Usage

Even though general functionalities of JMeter cover many needs of a performance test, you might need additional scripting. Apache JMeter has the functionality to run Java code snippets during your test execution. BeanShell has access to internal JMeter features and any library located in your JMeter lib folder. With the help of BeanShell Processor Tutorial article, we will dive into the details of this topic. BeanShell can be executed as a pre/postcondition or as a sampler. The only difference is that pre/post conditions will not be listed in JMeter Listeners. When using BeanShell, you can use “vars” variable to [...]

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