Shift Left Concept 101

Through time, organizations acknowledged the necessity of Software Testing and the cost of placing this phase at the last stages of the Software Development Lifecycle. It is important to implement testing in the early stages because late discovered bugs require much more effort, time and money to be fixed. In many cases, a critical error detected at the very end of the lifecycle causes a delay on product release that results in a major loss. There are also cases where detection of a bug causes the software to be binned since it’s not even worth the effort to fix the [...]

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Benefits of Load Testing on the Cloud

As today’s business world goes under constant development, the demand for more advanced, secure and constantly available software increases. This calls for continuous software development, and parallel to that, testing. While existing testing procedures are being used, new ones are also introduced. Internet-based new testing processes use online platforms for data storage and cloud-based testing is an example to this. But what is cloud-based testing? Before going into that, an explanation of cloud computing is required for easier understanding. Cloud computing is a virtual and online platform that provides a range of services that requires little to no on-premise hardware. [...]

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Why you should Execute Load Tests on Cloud?

Cloud testing tools operate on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform using real-world traffic over the cloud which enables to automate and fasten performance and load testing services. Offering a fast, secure and scalable online load testing on cloud is crucial for many reasons. First of all, cloud load testing allows you to test your applications under real-life conditions. Important values such as response time, throughput, etc. are all taken into account on a live server and cloud testing enables the simulation of real users from the internet. Secondly, by using SaaS for load testing, you gain flexibility and [...]

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