Pre-Defined Beanshell Variables in JMeter

The most essential and commonly used JMeter API classes available to BeanShell components are listed in the following section. Let's deep down pre-defined beanshell variables in JMeter and more... The following is found at the bottom of the BeanShell sampler component: For the script, the following variables are defined: "SampleResult, ResponseCode, ResponseMessage, IsSuccess, Label, FileName, ctx, vars, props, log” Sample Result It corresponds to the org.apache.jmeter.samplers class in JMeter. All of the javadoc's fields and methods may be accessed and invoked. Here's an example of a scenario: ​ getUrlAsString currentURL = SampleResult.getUrlAsString currentURL = SampleResult.getUrlAsString current () ResponseCode The response [...]

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How to Use JMeter’s Favorite Built-in Component: BeanShell

One of the most sophisticated JMeter built-in components is BeanShell. It understands Java syntax and adds scripting capabilities such as loose types, commands, and method closures. If your test case is unusual, and implementing it using integrated JMeter components is difficult or impossible, BeanShell might be a great way to fulfill your goals. BeanShell entities in JMeter have access to both internal JMeter APIs and any external classes loaded into the JMeter classpath (be sure to drop required jars into your JMeter installation's /lib/ext folder and insert the relevant "import" lines at the start of your BeanShell scripts). The following [...]

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JMeter vs LoadRunner | Know the Top 6 Differences

When it comes to performance testing, there are not so many different tools that has been mature enough to use in software performance testing projects. In this article we decided to talk about two of the oldest performance testing tools on the market. Those two tools are Apache JMeter and LoadRunner.   Let's give some information about LoadRunner for those who have never heard of it.   Apache JMeter and LoadRunner  What is Apache JMeter?  Apache JMeter is an open-source Apache project that helps IT teams to do load testing on their applications. It has its own script recorder, test result analyzer plug-ins and many cool features.   What is LoadRunner? LoadRunner is a software performance testing tool developed [...]

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Part2: Are Your E-Commerce Sites and Apps Ready for Black Friday 2021?

In our last post, we discussed a few ideas for getting the most out of your online and mobile sales during peak shopping seasons. Continue reading to discover about the remaining strategies that will provide you ideas, inspiration, and motivation to avoid losing money on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever your largest e-commerce days are. 6th tip: Make The Payment Process More Efficient. The checkout process and payment success rate are critical to your Black Friday success. The transaction (and your income) is still subject to payment gateway issues, payment processor failures, bad networks, purchaser error, and a variety [...]

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Part1: Are Your E-Commerce Sites and Apps Ready for Black Friday 2021?

To suggest that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events in 2021 will be outstanding for e-commerce firms is an understatement. Signals indicated in that direction even before COVID-19's technological and economic impacts were evident. So eCommerce sites load testing is crucial action. A lot has changed dramatically since the pandemic began, especially since the virus pushed the majority of the globe online. Given the uncertain environment, predicting what to expect in terms of Christmas shopping in 2021 is like to solving a conundrum without all the parts. Many businesses will begin advertising online purchases and attractive offers sooner than [...]

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Loadium Capterra Reviews

Loadium’s 15th Review on Capterra Garners Perfect 5-Star Rating Another review, another perfect 5-star rating! That's the kind of performance testing services you get when you collaborate with a product like Loadium. Our team is full of capable and passionate individuals who are always looking for creative ways to tackle your challenges and provide amazing solutions that fit your needs. This specific review is about an e-Commerce development project for a retail company. Our team provided support and consultations in order for the client to improve their performance and load testing  processes. Some of the main deliverables are as follows: [...]

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Load test and performance test allow you to see the status of your services and the bottlenecks of these services, if any. In addition, Application Performance Management Tools (APM) provide you with database operations in your services, response times of your APIs, etc. along with many parameters where you are having trouble in details. At Loadium, we offer the support of New Relic and AppDynamics APM tools.  WHAT IS THE APPLICATION PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT?   APM enables business-critical applications to monitor performance metrics, receive timely alerts in case of performance issues, and generate reports for periodic performance analysis. In this way, it facilitates the [...]

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On-Premise vs Cloud-Based Load Testing

There are many different testing techniques you can apply to your application under test (AUT). Some tests are categorized under functional tests whereas some of them are classified as non-functional tests. Load Testing is one of the most important non-functional testing disciplines. There are many names defining that activity, some call it “Load Testing”, some call it “Stress Testing”. While they all have different approaches while executing the tests, the general purpose is mostly the same. They aim to define how the software application behaves under specific load simultaneously or a continuous amount of time. By doing so we find the bottlenecks of [...]

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Performance Testing Behind Firewall: On-Premise Load Testing

Load testing and Performance testing are important for discovering bottlenecks in your system and determining the load capacity it can handle. Most of the time, it is necessary to carry out these tests behind the firewall of companies for data privacy and security. Loadium provides On-Premise Load Generator solution to run performance testing behind firewall. What is On-Premise Load Generator? Our service that creates the load on the servers in your tests with Loadium is called Load Generator. In standard tests, Load Generator is located on Loadium servers. It runs the tests in its environment and creates [...]

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