Top 9 Best Practices for Unlocking the Power of AI in Performance Testing

Introduction Do you want to improve your abilities in performance testing? If so, power of AI in performance testing can help you do just that. AI-driven performance testing is the process of assessing complicated systems and finding potential issues using sophisticated algorithms and data analysis methods. Because of this, it can assist you in locating system bottlenecks, pinpointing potential growth areas, and tracking system performance over time to ensure optimum effectiveness. In this article, we’ll provide 9 best practices for unlocking the power of AI in performance testing. From leveraging automation and analyzing workloads to tracking user behavior [...]

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Part 2 | How To Create A Robust Test Plan

In this part of "How to Create a Robust Test Plan", we will briefly explain the stages of creating a robust test plan. If you haven't read yet, first you can read the previous part of this blog series. The following are some actions you may take to create a detailed and complete test strategy for your testing projects: 1) Comprehensive Examination of the Software Product The first thing to do for designing a solid test plan is a thorough examination of the software product that will be tested. Before you write a single test case, you must [...]

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Dynatrace Integration With JMeter

In this article we will learn how to integrate Jmeter with Dynatrace. First of all, let’s talk about what Dynatrace is, briefly. Then, we will take a look at the Dynatrace Integration with JMeter. What is Dynatrace? Dynatrace is an APM solution that monitors Web, Mobile and Cloud-Based applications, infrastructure, network and critical processes, and also provides performance management of all technology layers used, from the selection of users on the website to the application code running on the main system, with real user monitoring. Why Should We Use Dynatrace? While load testing tools provides [...]

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How To Extract CSRF Token

The CSRF Token is something you might encounter on most e-commerce sites. For this reason, we receive a lot of questions about exceeding this token within a JMeter script. CSRF token usually changes multiple times in an end-to-end flow. The token you get in first visit is going to be different from the token you need to use after you login. So here is how to extract it using multiple post processors. Here is my request flow: We are getting our first CSRF Token from our login page html with CSS selector. It is [...]

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How To Use Switch Controller & Simple Controller On JMeter

Did you know that it is possible to use the Java’s Switch-Case structure on JMeter as well? Even if you didn’t, now you know, and we will discover how to use switch controller & simple controller on JMeter in this blog post. Let’s learn how! We use Switch Controller in cases where we dynamically need to change the requests we want to send, depending on a value. Simple Controllers are mostly used for organizing and documentation, but if you use them inside a Switch Controller, each one will become a case of Switch-Case structure. To better understand, let’s create [...]

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Part 4: JMeter Installation and JMeter Tests with Loadium

Interpreting Test Results on Loadium Previously, we learnt how to install JMeter, how to create a scenario, and how to execute our tests on Loadium. In this part, we will briefly explain how to understand Loadium reporting screens and parameters. Let’s start to interpretation of test results with summary report page. On the summary report page, in addition to the values we saw on the previous page, we can see the values max and min response times, number of errors received, latency and connect time. Connect Time → Time taken to establish TCP connection between the server [...]

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Part 3: JMeter Installation and JMeter Tests with Loadium

Running JMeter Tests with Loadium The first and second parts of the series briefly explained how to install JMeter and an example JMeter scenario. In the third part, namely this part, it will be explained how to run JMeter Tests with Loadium. Let’s start. So, this is the first screen you’ll see once you are logged into your account. As you can see, there are 5 different testing option for you to choose. First one is JMeter Test which we will dive deep into soon. Second option is Gatling Test. It’s also a load test framework that [...]

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Part 2: JMeter Installation and JMeter Tests with Loadium

Example Scenario on JMeter Tests Previously, it was mentioned how to install JMeter, in the first part of this series. In this part of the blog series, an example scenario on JMeter tests will be explained in detailed. There is an example scenario in following table; Scenario Name End to End Test Participating Actor Client Flow Of Events The client logs in the Trendyol’s system. Then, the client selects a random product. The client adds the product in the basket. The client logs out. In order to record, we open the JMeter recorder as we explained [...]

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Part 1: JMeter Installation and JMeter Tests with Loadium

In this article, firstly we will learn how to install JMeter and how to run our scripts that we created with Jmeter on Loadium. Jmeter is the most used testing tool for doing performance testing of web based applications. It’s completely open source tool and based on Java language. That’s why we have to download Java to our computer first. We can use this link for downloading Java. There is one thing to do before download the Jmeter. We have to configure the path of Java on our computer. After that, we can download Jmeter. It’s pretty simple. We [...]

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