Part 2: JMeter Installation and JMeter Tests with Loadium

Example Scenario on JMeter Tests Previously, it was mentioned how to install JMeter, in the first part of this series. In this part of the blog series, an example scenario on JMeter tests will be explained in detailed. There is an example scenario in following table; Scenario Name End to End Test Participating Actor Client Flow Of Events The client logs in the Trendyol’s system. Then, the client selects a random product. The client adds the product in the basket. The client logs out. In order to record, we open the JMeter recorder as we explained [...]

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How To Use “-1”/All On JMeter Selector

While scripting E-Commerce sites, situations, where cart service is not called after cart delete service, can be faced. It forces us to make only one request to cart and delete every item on cart one by one, without calling the cart request again. Let's check how to use “-1”/all on JMeter selector. Since the cart request is called only once, we have to get IDs of every item in the cart in only one selector. In this blog, you will see step by step how to overcome such situations.  You can also apply this solution to JSON and REGEX Extractors.  I want to find the right testing type [...]

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Using CSS Selectors in JMeter Scripts

When performance tests are executed, the main focus is on how the application behaves under heavy load. To analyze it, you need to extract data from a web page and create a new HTTP request with the retrieved value. Or you just need to parse the response and validate an assertion. To deal with these challenges efficiently, you can use CSS Selectors in JMeter scripts. In this article, we'll go through the basic usage of CSS Selectors in JMeter scripts. If you need more on this topic, please feel free to contact me through our contact us form. How to use CSS selector / [...]

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