Top 10 Essential Software Testing Skills

# 1 Analytical and logical thinking In order to effectively identify the hidden errors, software testers must be able to analyze the given business situation and judge all the possible scenarios of software testing. They should be able to identify and solve unfamiliar problems. This requires someone with strong analytical skills who can validate the application under test. # 2 Critical thinking Critical thinking is a vital skill for a software tester. Testers should be able to ask questions, gather relevant information, understand them effectively and draw his/her own well-reasoned conclusions and solutions. # 3 Basic knowledge A good [...]

5 Technical Skills a Performance Tester Should Have

What skills must a performance tester be capable of? Performance testing is defined as a testing practice that measures the quality of a system that performs under a particular workload. By executing a performance test, one can determine the scalability, endurance, and stability of a software product. In this article, you can find details about 5 technical skills a performance tester should have. In order to do performance testing, test engineers have to develop particular skills. Some of these skills are technical while some of them are non-technical. Let’s take a look at a couple of them. Here are [...]

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