Interpreting Test Results on Loadium

Previously, we learnt how to install JMeter, how to create a scenario, and how to execute our tests on Loadium. In this part, we will briefly explain how to understand Loadium reporting screens and parameters. Let’s start to interpretation of test results with summary report page.

1.loadium test reports

On the summary report page, in addition to the values we saw on the previous page, we can see the values max and min response times, number of errors received, latency and connect time.

  • Connect Time → Time taken to establish TCP connection between the server and the client.
  • Latency → First moment of sending the request until the first byte is received.
2.loadium test reports

There is also a table where we can see the requests and response times for each service in our script. The most important values in this table are average response time and %95 line. 

  • %95 Line → Response times of %95 of requests to the relevant service.

Now, you know how to create a test and how to read the test results on Loadium successfully. You can find detailed information on JMeter & Gatling Tests, load testing, and more on our blog. Keep reading  Loadium blogs to stay up-to-date.