How To Send JMeter POST Requests

In many cases, even an ordinary load test contains lots of different requests for different services. If you need to perform a load test for an end-to-end scenario, you’ll probably be dealing with lots of POST requests as well. Luckily, JMeter has the flexibility to create your JMeter POST requests easily. But to send JMeter POST requests to a specific service, you need to know how to use that service. Because there will be some parameters/body data to be filled, header to manipulate etc. If you haven’t written that service or don’t have any information about that, you should [...]

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4 Things You Should Know About HTTP Requests

In order to perform a good performance test on the HTTP protocol, there is something that you should know about it. Let’s start! What is an HTTP request? The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is an application-level protocol for distributed, hypermedia information systems. This is the foundation for data communication for the World Wide Web since 1990. It is a generic and stateless protocol which can be used for other purposes as well as using extensions of its request methods, error codes, and headers. What makes HTTP a simple but powerful protocol? Here are some examples HTTP is connectionless: The HTTP client, [...]

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