System Stability Test | Part 1

Stability Test Stability test is a type of software testing to check the quality and behavior of the software under different environmental parameters. It is defined as the ability of the product to continue to function over time without failure. It is a non-functional testing technique that focuses to stress the software component to the maximum. Stability testing is done to check the efficiency of a developed product beyond normal operational capacity which is known as the breakpoint. It has higher significance in error handling, software reliability, robustness, and scalability of a product under heavy load rather than [...]

Defining KPI’s in Performance Testing

When somebody asks “What is testing?”, There are many answers to it. My preferred answer is; “comparing the outputs according to the expected one and checking whether the requirements are fulfilled or not.” That’s an easy answer when it comes to functional testing. What about a non-functional test such as performance testing where requirements are not defined clearly? Let's find out together, how to define KPI's in performance testing... Everybody wants their website to respond fast with %100 stability. Your site or app can be fast, but it can misinterpret a request during a high load and order the [...]

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