In-depth Analysis: Throughput Controller in JMeter and Splitting Threads to Requests

What is Throughput? Throughput, essentially, is the number of requests executed per unit of time. It is one of the basic concepts of performance testing. Since the main subject here is "performance", a term that features a measurement of "per unit of time" makes it an important one. In performance tests, there will be a lot of requests going on in a short period of time in order to apply necessary stress to the desired servers. However, not every server in a system has an equal priority or necessity to apply stress. One of the servers might be [...]

Simulating User Funnels with Different Percentages in Apache JMeter

Funnel analysis tells your user’s journey with its events that lead towards a goal. You can think about it as the engagement of a user in a mobile app till the actual purchase. The funnel analyses are an effective way to calculate conversion rates of specific user behaviors. During a performance test project, you will be asked to simulate your customers journey with some specific numbers. Most common situation that we encounter with this kind of requests are Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaigns. A funnel might be like the below example: %100 of the users land on the main [...]

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