In our last post, we discussed a few ideas for getting the most out of your online and mobile sales during peak shopping seasons. Continue reading to discover about the remaining strategies that will provide you ideas, inspiration, and motivation to avoid losing money on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever your largest e-commerce days are.

6th tip: Make The Payment Process More Efficient.

The checkout process and payment success rate are critical to your Black Friday success. The transaction (and your income) is still subject to payment gateway issues, payment processor failures, bad networks, purchaser error, and a variety of other issues after a consumer hits the buy button.

As a result, keeping track of the amount and percentage of both successful and unsuccessful transactions over time to detect patterns ahead of time is a smart idea. Additionally, tracking payment methods can assist you in determining which ones have the highest success rates, allowing you to promote those options.

Consider the following scenario: Think how much money you could make if you could receive payment from 100 percent of your customers’ Black Friday purchases. How much additional income would you be able to generate in just a single day?

You may start learning about Loadium immediately and fast analyze the performance of your software platform, including the payment system and all of its components. You may begin evaluating consumer experience and software health with our site inspector and customer journey apps. To better understand the stability of your web apps, websites, and mobile apps, you may analyze performance by analyzing several aspects such as APM, Browser, and Mobile, which are all part of our solution. When used independently, these solutions are meant to help you figure out “why” payments didn’t go through, making it simpler to solve problems and increasing your payment success rate faster.

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In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, you may start by marking your checkout transaction as a crucial transaction and setting up an alert to notify you if there are any issues. Then, at regular intervals, utilize monitoring tools to analyze the checkout operation. The goal is to keep problems from being discovered through consumer complaints on customer forums and social media. Payment success percentage and payment response time are just a few of the key metrics to keep an eye on.

The next step is to look at your cart abandonment rate in greater depth. What proportion of this is due to app performance difficulties, and what proportion is due to other variables like third-party systems? With Loadium’s real-time performance dashboards, these concerns can be addressed right away, and troublesome situations may be rectified right away.

7th tip: Use Simulated Analytics to Detect Issues Early On.

Even though the checkout step is usually the most crucial, you should maintain track of all transactions on your e-commerce site. The goal is to identify and address all of the problematic issues or delayed database queries ahead of time. By analyzing data on a real-time dashboard that depicts your customer journey, you can see where your customers are getting stuck or quitting. More importantly, you can delve right into the data to figure out what’s generating the problems. The information gathered will help you evaluate the entire client experience.

8th tip: Test And Analyze Continuously.

If you haven’t double-checked that everything is in working condition, all of your planning and preparatory work will be for naught. You established key indicators for critical objectives from the start to see how things should proceed throughout peak shopping season. Putting your operations center and communication strategies to the test is the best way to evaluate if they’re up to par. Load testing, which mimics peak-season traffic to assess how well your software systems expand, is one example.

This is only one aspect of the mobile and web app testing process, but how do you know whether your changes are effective? Given the stakes, it’s critical to do A/B testing on several versions of your software services to determine which design elements and functionality work best. Is it true that putting a percent or dollar discount ratio on a product promotes sales? Is it preferable to place product photos on the right side of the page or the left side of the page in a photo album to boost revenue, or does product display have no influence on revenue? When designing your testing, bear in mind that Black Friday shoppers are likely to be different from typical shoppers in that they’re searching for a one-time offer rather than browsing.

9th tip: Be Adaptable.

Any scenario that comes to mind may be planned and tested ahead of time, but you never know how your actual consumers would respond on Black Friday. For example, you could anticipate a decrease in consumer traffic during particular hours. A successful campaign or performance issues on a competitor’s website, on the other hand, may cause your website or app to be overrun with consumers for an extended period of time.

Keep an eye on KPIs and consumer traffic trends during the shopping season to determine if there are any areas where you can improve. If you have to pick between providing a new feature and resolving a basic engineering issue that is causing reaction time delays, the value additions should definitely be delayed for a longer length of time.

To be sure, identifying priorities ahead of time during the planning phase is advantageous. You should keep in mind that your priorities will change based on your situation. Several organizations value uptime and conversion rates as well as everything that enhances profit.

Instead of imposing severe limits on your systems, which make them fragile and more likely to be damaged, you should be prepared to manage quickly changing plans and priorities, keeping everything in order in real time when it matters the most.

10th tip: Focus On Sustainable Success in The Future.

It doesn’t mean your work is finished simply because you did everything right and had a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday buying season. You still have the remainder of the year and many more important days to plan for in order to boost your income.

Instead of relying on personal feelings, you should retain proof and track your performance statistics to determine what worked and what didn’t. Define your development and productivity targets, fine-tune your methods, assess your outcomes, and repeat. Define your development and productivity targets, fine-tune your methods, assess your outcomes, and repeat.

It’s important to keep in mind that e-commerce is a year-round endeavor. Despite the fact that the stakes are higher during peak season, internet sellers must be cautious every day. For a firm to succeed, it must take a flexible and adaptive approach to development, testing, and monitoring.

Discover about Loadium and its amazing features to ensure that your websites and applications are helping your business thrive throughout the holiday shopping season and beyond.