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You need 65.000 VUH > From only $ 2.495 for 4 months
According to information you gave you should run load test with 10.000 virtual user. Hence, you should have minimum 65.000 VUH and start running load test 4 months before your peak season. With this VUH Plan you can run minimum minimum 26 load tests for 10.000 virtual user and 15 minutes.

VUH is package independent. You can run load test with different numbers of virtual user and different durations you need. Shall we discuss the VUH plan you calculated?

In recent years, as part of agile development processes, several companies have performed their load tests much earlier. This allows problems to be identified and repaired as soon as possible, thereby reducing correction costs and avoiding last minute delays. Start Load Testing with Loadium Today!

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What is VUH Plan?

VUH( Virtual User Hour) is a customized pricing plan for Loadium customers that allows users to run performance and load tests more flexible.

It is designed for enterprise companies who run performance test (stress, load, endurance, smoke) with numerous concurrent user or different parameters for each test. Loadium customers -serving in Finance, Tech, eCommerce, Telecommunication and more – prefer VUH Plan running load test package independent.

How to Calculate VUH Plan?

VUH is calculated according to companies’ needs. You can calculate the VUH plan you need above by giving answer simple questions.

To calculate how many VUH you need, take your number of visitor when you have highest traffic as the basis and add an additional 10% – 20% traffic to that level to stay in the safe zone, and then use the formula to calculate VUH.

Why Should I Use VUH Plan?

You can run your performance and load testing without any execution limits. VUH plans are more adaptable than the fixed plans, since it allows you to customize the number of concurrent user and test duration. Your usage is deducted from your total VUH according parameters you choose. It allows you to manage your plan more efficient than fixed packages.

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We chose Loadium over Blazemeter because of its strong support with better report screens. Taking support in emergency is great value. Thank you.

Computer Services Enterprise

The high price of Blazemeter and the high price of its support fees caused my organization to look for another open source alternative for performance testing and continuous testing.

Software Development & Consultancy Enterprise

What do you like best? The interface is quite simple and intuitive. It is very easy to make the configurations and the reporting screens are quite detailed. Most importantly, it is much cheaper than other competitors. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? I can easily do multi-region tests. Private location service is provided for private network load tests. Its installation is very fast and easy compared to other products.

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