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Cloud Based Load Testing Tool

Your web application already works properly, but will it work under 10 times load too? Test that in advance and keep peace of mind, quickly validate if your website or web application is ready for success on peak days.

Loadium is JMeter,Gatling, and Selenium based scalable load testing tool. Effortlessly within minutes run up to millions concurrent users in any location worldwide. Anywhere: On-premise,  public, private network or your own cloud (AZURE,AWS)

  • Performance testing overview report
  • Performance testing summary report
  • Performance testing response codes report
  • Performance testing timeline report

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Loadium provides large selection of load testing tools and deployment options from cloud to on-promise. Simple Workflow. Amazing Reporting Features. 24/7 Support.

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Best Load Testing Tool: Open Source (Free) and Paid

  • On-premise or cloud testing supported with multiple load generators.
  • It is one of the performance test tools which is highly portable and supports 100% open source tools (JMeter, Gatling and Selenium).

  • Supports every major technology and easily extendible.

  • Scriptless load test creation, edit & playback with Loadium recorder..

  • Automatic bottleneck detection.

  • Easy-to-reach customer support.

  • Loadium Sandbox – unlimited debug tests in real time.

  • Sophisticated detailed results reports with amazing graphs.

We chose Loadium over Blazemeter because of its strong support with better report screens. Taking support in emergency is great value. Thank you.

Computer Services Enterprise

The high price of Blazemeter and the high price of its support fees caused my organization to look for another open source alternative for performance testing and continuous testing.

Software Development & Consultancy Enterprise

We have been using the Loadium product actively for 3 years and on a daily basis with my whole team. We can easily track our performance reports. In terms of support, we can get a very fast response, most of the time, our problem is solved by the Loadium team within a maximum of 1 hour.

eCommerce Enterprise
Capterra Loadium Review

I want to find the right testing type for my product

I want QA experts to test my application

I’m looking for a long-term testing partner   

I want to consult a QA Specialist   

Selecting Load Testing Tool

Choosing a load testing tool that can support your team is essential.

As Loadium, we know that performance testing practices can take a bit of time in the release cycle, but often they are the key indicators for success in production. With performance testing tool, you can understand how your application is going to perform in production before you deploy, so you can find and fix issues before going live.

Load testing tool reveals if your website performs differently under define load, whether your code change has unexpected changes, and saves money in the long run by identifying issues before they become costly problems in production. When evaulating a load testing tool, be sure to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Ease of Use – is it easy to create complex, realistic load tests?
  • Accuracy – does it run in real browsers?
  • Scalability – can you increase or decrease usage/use cases, users, instances?
  • Integrations – can you integrate with the tools you use everyday?

Understanding which load testing tools or performance testing tools will fit best into your workflows is essential. Luckily, Loadium helps teams load test faster without sacrificing accuracy, so teams can continuously release quality software.

Single Developer or A Small QA Team

Need to run performance tests but that doesn’t happen often? Our VUH plan is perfect for you. Talk to Sales to identify a suitable plan for you.

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Medium Size QA or Developers Team

Frequently testing for various products or customers? Get a monthly or annual subscription and pay less per user.

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Enterprise Scale

Unlimited number of participants, unlimited test duration, custom solutions. A specially tailored plan for enterprise-scale customers.

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Loadium Record & Play Chrome Extention

Loadium Record & Play helps Loadium users to write fast and better-automated load tests. You can easily record, browse, upload, edit and run.

  • 100% Compatible with Apache JMeter.

  • Running tests without test scripting applications.

  • Editing your tests both locally and via Loadium.

  • Recording all HTTP/S requests made by your browser.

  • Saving your tests as both json and jmx so you can use them again later.

Loadium recorder
Use Loadium Record & Play
Record & PlayLoadium Record & Play helps Loadium users to write fast and better-automated load tests. You can easily record, browse, upload, edit and run.

The Chrome extension records all HTTP/S requests, creates synced JMeter scripts and automatically uploads them to Loadium as a collection, where you can edit and execute the collection with just a single click. In addition, collections can be used repeatedly by editing.

No need to know and install JMeter for recording and running your performance tests.

You can reach Loadium Recod & Play here

Steep learning curve with a complicated UI

Cannot create and playback dynamic test scripts without JMeter, Gatling etc.

In some cases, in order to record HTTPs transactions, users have to import certificate into your system’s root, which can put your computer at risk for serious security vulnerabilities.

Capturing client side changes that don’t interact with server can be extremely tedious and time consuming.

Replay the testLoadium allows you to record and instantly playback scripts with no programming and dynamic correlation. Playing back test scripts involves dynamic correlation– takes several hours or days.
Configure test requirementsLoadium has a simple and easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require any additional downloads. Adding concurrent virtual users, configuring test duration, ramp up time, and more are all possible with a few clicks in our intuitive interface.Required to set up and maintain load generators in host machine

Set up cloud based load generators costs extra money.

Run testLoadium generates true load with real browsers at scale.Load generated from emulators and not real browsers– inaccurate load.
Analyze test resultsLoadium generates true load with real browsers at scale.Performance results shown requests and responses – doesn’t show end user experience.
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As a small business, cost is everything. Loadium gave us a solution that was low-cost, yet scalable. Loadium’s customer support is available whenever we need them.

Software Development Company

I want to find the right testing type for my product

I want QA experts to test my application

I’m looking for a long-term testing partner   

I want to consult a QA Specialist   

Why Move to Loadium, High-Performing Load Testing Tool

Have everything your team needs about load testing to take your product beyond the high performance

Feature-rich and easy-to-use load testing tool.

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