Looking For a Blazemeter Alternative?

Looking For a Blazemeter Alternative? 2021-04-18T19:26:48+00:00

Blazemeter vs. Loadium Performance Testing Platform

To keep pace with customer expectations and the sudden changes of the market you serve, you need to run performance test. Loadium scales your load tests and deploys load generators such as JMeter or Gatling  to the cloud at the press of a button, so that you can focus on results.

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Performance Testing is a type of software testing which guarantees that the application is performing well under the defined user load. Main purpose of performance testing is not to find bugs but to eliminate performance bottlenecks. It evaluates the quality attributes of the system.

Load or increasing numbers of users are applied to the application under test and the results are measured to validate the requirements are met.

This test pushes an application beyond normal load conditions to determine which components fail first. Stress testing attempts to find the breaking point of the application

This testing is used to determine your application’s ability to handle increasing amounts of load and processing. It involves measuring attributes including response time, throughput, hits and requests per second, transaction processing speed, CPU usage, Network usage and more.

Endurance (Soak) testing executes by applying varying loads to the application under test for an extended period of time to validate that the performance requirements related to production loads and durations of those loads are met.

Also known as flood testing, this testing is used to evaluate the application’s ability to handle large volumes of data. The impact on response time and the behavior of the application are analyzed. This testing can be used to identify bottlenecks and to determine the capacity of the system.

This testing evaluates the ability of the application to handle sudden volume increases. It is done by suddenly increasing the load generated by a very large number of users. This testing is critical for applications that experience large increases in number of users.