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Is Your Software Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the days which is most awaited every year. Everyone who is a part of the internet community is bloodthirsty for Black Friday because of all the discounts and extra contents, and of course, they want to perform their shopping without a problem, as expected. Your site or app must be ready for the most crowded days of the year and must endure making your customers happy. Black Friday is approximately 3 months from now, so you better be ready for it yesterday, in case you are not, here are some advices you can follow through. [...]

How to install and use the JMeter plugins?

You completed your performance testing or load tests on JMeter, now you want to monitor your test results visually on a graph or a report. JMeter has more than 70 plugins (data collector sets, performance counters, listeners, etc.) for you to review or monitor your test results, with your heavy load. If you don't know which plugins to use, no need to worry! In this article, we tried to explain how to use JMeter Plugins Manager and listed the top 3 plugins for reporting. Therefore, you don't have to get lost in log file jungles anymore. JMeter Plugins Manager The first thing to start with is JMeter Plugins Manager, which [...]

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Introduction to JMeter

Let's assume that you want to implement performance testing on one of your projects, but what can you use for this particular job? Suffice to say that JMeter is perfect for the job. JMeter was “designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance” and was “originally designed for testing Web Applications”. But starting out with JMeter could be quite a challenge if you have never used it before. This article is for you to have a grasp of the different terminologies. What you will need Your computing environment needs to meet some requirements in order to be able to [...]

Website Owners’ Nightmare: Black Friday

Any website can run smoothly under normal circumstances if they are implemented properly. But there is always a question in our minds: Will it still run smoothly in heavy traffic? We know that the “normal” circumstances are not always exactly met, and that there are always ups and downs in the traffic density much like a rollercoaster. The downs are not an issue since less traffic causes no latency; but the ups are the times you need to be prepared for. But when exactly should you expect these ups? Black Friday is a good example to this. In that period of [...]

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BeanShell Processor Tutorial 2: Advanced Usage

BeanShell is the most powerful component of Apache JMeter. You can execute any Java code by using BeanShell scripts. If you are new to BeanShell, please take a look basic usage of BeanShell Processor. In this BeanShell tutorial, I want to deep dive into BeanShell  and show you some other example of its usage. If you're familiar with Java or any other language, it is very easy to get used to it. Sample 1: Dealing with Dates Dates are the most frightening component of any developer and testers also. In case you need deal with dynamic dates during your test, [...]

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Using Commandline Parameters in JMeter

It is a common practice to create performance test scripts by using JMeter GUI. For test execution however, it would be best to use command line mode of JMeter. So whenever you need to change a parameter like thread number, base url, etc.. you need to go to GUI mode, do some modifications and run your test. We can't call that a good practice. JMeter lets you pass parameters in command line mode. How to Pass Argument via Command Line Basic command line parameter is jmeter -n -t your_script.jmx -n - tells JMeter to run in non-GUI mode -t - specifies [...]