Getting Started with Loadium

First of all, you need to create an account to be able to use Loadium and its key features. There are two account types:

  • Free Account (Free for 10 performance test)
  • Paid Account

To create an account, move on the site to create an account.

Welcome Screen

After logging in with a valid crdential, you will be welcomed with Loadium’s main page.

There are three menu options on the main screen:

  • Create New Test
  • My Tests
  • Compare Tests

Create New Test: This option let you run JMeter, HTTP and Selenium based performance test projects.
My Tests: This option lists all the performance test projects you have created.
Compare Tests: This option let you compare the results of any test execution with each other.

On the top right side, hovering menu is present. By using this menu, you should be able to browse account details, user settings page. There is also an Upgrade button to upgrade your subscription type to another plan.