Get Performance Test List Service

You need to make a GET request to get all performance test related with your Loadium account.
--request GET
--header 'accept: application/json'
--header 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'


Response will be a JSON file having many details about tests. The most important value is the testkey value as it will be used in Start Test service.

"status": "SUCCESS",
"testBasicDetailsDTOs": [
"testKey": "is2bo4cqkct1opieljfl1b3m1g53mkmb",
"testName": "HTTP Live Streaming Performance Test",
"createdTime": 1512134680000,
"favorite": false,
"testType": "JMX",
"owner": "Hannibal Lecter"
"testKey": "j61choov5j5jmgvm5oorav2kf1r2caih",
"testName": "E-Commerce Test",
"createdTime": 1513586980000,
"favorite": true,
"testType": "JMX",
"owner": "John Doe"