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Smart load testing solutions for your software. Grow with award-winning load testing tool, master the load testing methodology and get the most out of your application.

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Run large scale tests smoothly, monitor & analyze your software.

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Work with flexibility without being dependent on
a single platform.

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"It is a five-star product, if you compare it against its competitors you will see that Loadium’s price-performance ratio is very high. It is so simple to generate huge loads to examine your application’s performance in a comprehensive report."
Senior Developer Advocate
Computer Services Enterprise
"Feels powerful and satisfying to use.
Support team was always being helpful and guiding. Details of report screens was a great bonus."
IT Director
Software Development & Consultancy Enterprise
"We were a bit far from load testing concept and methodologies, but we were able to overcome and achieve what we needed with Loadium's consultancy and services.The simplicity and the guidance of the platform was beyond our expectations for load testing."
Quality Assurance Engineer
Loadium Record & Play

Create & Edit & Run scripts on Loadium without coding. Helps users to write fast and better automated load tests.

-100% Compatible with Apache JMeter
-Google Chrome extension
-Supports both .json and .jmx format

Powerful Test Reports

Loadium presents data with a variety of ways for both cloud-based and on-premises.

-Easy to navigate
-High periodic accuracy
-Rich data

Helps you to take a deep dive & analyze your results.

Track Your Progress

Get a summarizing analysis for your performance progress over the course of your test runs.

Helps you to see the broader picture and identify bottlenecks.

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Unlimited number of participants, unlimited test duration, custom solutions. A specially tailored plan for enterprise-scale customers.

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Loaidum Performance Testing Tool

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    Loadium is a load testing tool running all performance test types over open-source tools, such as; JMeter, Gatling, and Selenium. It also provides a tool to testers for converting from Postman to JMeter.

    Loadium allows you to lower your cost, reduce business risk and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, Loadium provides;

    * Simple Workflow,

    Detailed Reporting Features

    * 24/7 Customer Support and Consultancy

    The purpose of load testing is to evaluate the application’s performance under increasingly high numbers of users. Load, or increasing numbers of users are applied to the application under test and the results are measured to validate the requirements are met.

    This load can be the expected concurrent number of users on the application performing a specific number of transactions within the set duration. This test will give out the response times of all the important business critical transactions. If the database, application server, etc. are also monitored, then this simple test can itself point towards bottlenecks in the application software.

    Before the product launch, website goes live with new features and before peak season comes you should run load test to keep your customer satisfaction high. The most important thing is to set aside enough time to address any issues with your website.

    Loadium is fully compatible with open-source tools such as JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, New Relic, Appdynamics, Jenkins, TeamCity and more. That gives you several advantages. Loadium allows you to scale tests to any size and show the part that need to be fixed clearly with amazing reports. And you can easily make testing part of your CI/CD environment with Jenkins and other platforms.

    Loadium Record & Play enables users to record, edit, and download or run the scripts easily.

    You can reach our support team on chatboat, or Contact Us on Loadium website.