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Advantages of Jmeter

Open Source

JMeter is an open-source software and can be downloaded free of cost. It is also a pure Java based application. The developer use its source code, can modify and customize it as per their requirement.

User Friendly

It also provides a comprehensive GUI, which helps to create test plans and add test scenarios with few clicks.


It supports non-functional tests such as Stress testing, Distributed testing and Web service testing.


It allows us to watch and record our actions on browsers and based on that create scripts, which can be rerun with a number of concurrent users.

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Avoiding to load test your web application can be risky. If the product is exposed to an excessive load, the entire system can fall on its knees, offering nothing but a waste of time and resources and potentially unhappy users. That’s why load testing is one of the crucial parts of performance testing.

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Apache JMeter is one of the most used performance testing tools for developers. JMeter is a test tool that is used to analyze and measure the performance of applications, different software services and products. What makes JMeter unique is that it’s highly versatile despite being open-source.


JMeter is written in Java, used to test web and FTP applications as long as the system supports a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).


Moreover, Loadium with JMeter offers software testers the opportunity to test their applications for both dynamic and static resources, such as queries, servers, logs, scripts, and files.


Apache JMeter can also simulate a heavy load on a server by creating multiple simultaneous virtual users on a web server. You can have more detail about “How to Do Load Testing Using JMeter” as starting.

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Writing Test Scenarios

GUI helps to create thread groups and write easy-to-use test scenarios.
Also, you can use Loadium Recorder to create your own scripts, or take consultancy to write scripts by Load Testing Engineers.

Running Test

It requires a local machine or dedicated servers for heavy traffic. Loadium offers you to run load tests on-premise, on cloud (AZURE/AWS/GCP) or as using dedicated IP with thousands of simultaneous users in different bandwidths within minutes.


Geo-Distributed Load Test

Loadium helps you to run load test all over the world.

Documentation and Support

You can reach detailed documentation on Loadium Blog and Loadium Wiki. Also Loadium provides 24/7 support on chatbot. You can ask about JMeter, any difficulties you may have, and more.