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Advantages of Gatling

Open Source

Gatling is a Scala-based open-source performance testing platform with a human-readable DSL that makes it easy to write and run tests.

Code Reusability and Versioning

We can add versioning to the Gatling source code, which will improve team cooperation and make it easier to monitor past modifications.


Gatling makes use of the Netty framework and Akka toolkit, which are built on the actor model, which is distributed and fully asynchronous by design, preventing Gatling from allocating a new thread for each user. It allows a single thread to simulate a list of user trips.


It allows for easy connection with real-time tracking systems such as Grafana and Taurus. But you need know-how. Loadium offers amazing graphs to show your load test results

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Avoiding to load test your web application can be risky. If the product is exposed to an excessive load, the entire system can fall on its knees, offering nothing but a waste of time and resources and potentially unhappy users. That’s why load testing is one of the crucial parts of performance testing.

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Writing Test Scenarios

Requires knowledge of basic Scala and DSL language understanding.
Loadium gives consultancy to write scripts by Load Testing Engineers.

Running Test

Load test can be run from your local machine or dedicated servers. So Loadium provides you to run load tests on-premise, on cloud (AZURE/AWS/GCP) or as using dedicated IP with thousands of simultaneous simultaneous users in different bandwidths within minutes.



Loadium is a feature-rich, easy-to-use load testing platform with affordable prices.

Documentation and Support

You can reach detailed documentation on Loadium Blog and Loadium Wiki. Also Loadium provides 24/7 support on chatbot. You can ask about JMeter, any difficulties you may have, and more.