Cloud testing tools operate on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform using real-world traffic over the cloud which enables to automate and fasten performance and load testing services. Offering a fast, secure and scalable online load testing on cloud is crucial for many reasons. In this post, you can find the most significant reasons to execute load tests on cloud.

First of all…

Cloud load testing allows you to test your applications under real-life conditions. Important values such as response time, throughput, etc. are all taken into account on a live server and cloud testing enables the simulation of real users from the internet.


By using SaaS for load testing, you gain flexibility and agility. Flexibility is because of the fact that, you’re not stuck with a certain vendor and you can switch to another one anytime you like, immediately. You don’t need a technical support and go through a long process to cancel any of your services.

Increased agility is another positive consequence of executing online load testing since using cloud testing gives you the freedom to run your tests from anywhere with an Internet connection. Even though an inside testing lab might malfunction unexpectedly, this would not have any negative effect on your testing processes on the cloud. Therefore the possibility of meeting deadlines and deploying releases right on scheduled times, increases tremendously.


Load testing on cloud ensures scalability. Purchasing services on a demand basis will allow you to increase or decrease the number of testing users easily depending on your needs. You won’t have to worry about how many servers you will need for each scenario or about the incurred costs resulting from idle servers.

Loadium offers online load and performance testing on the cloud in which you can test your applications on different browsers using real traffic over the Internet. Check out our Loadium Features page to learn more!

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