Gatling Advantages On Load Testing

Gatling Advantages On Load Testing

Growing world of load testing increased both the search of new tools by users and development of new features by developers. The most known…

Gatling Advantages On Load Testing

Growing world of load testing increased both the search of new tools by users and development of new features by developers. The most known and used open-source tools in the sector are undoubtedly JMeter, and Gatling. In this blog post, we will try to explain the Gatling advantages briefly, and why to use it on your load tests.

Gatling offers a wealth of features to help you develop a high-performance automation test suite by utilizing the Gatling DSL, as well as growing community support to help you with your questions.

It’s worth noting that, unlike other tools like JMeter, Gatling has a high learning curve, but in exchange, it provides a wealth of programming options for developing a strong and fully working set of performance and load testing simulation scripts.

The followings are a few of these Gatling advantages:

  • Gatling can work everywhere! Written in Scala, Gatling gives you the ability to run your tests on any system, so that you won’t be facing platform related problems.
  • With its assertion API feature, you can create powerful, dynamic and detailed assertions for your test.
  • It’s small and lets a single thread to handle multiple requests, unlike most other performance tools that treat a thread as if it were a user.
  • Gatling may scale higher and generate more load on a single Machine by using a single thread for multiple requests.
  • When a large load needs to be simulated, Gatling offers the possibility to run in distributed mode.
  • Gatling supports a wide range of protocols in addition to HTTP. For example, Websockets, MQTT, JDBC, and others can all be performance tested.
  • When coupled to construct a simulation script, Gatling delivers a feature-rich DSL — Domain Specific Language — with a simple syntax and extensive features.
  • Also, one of the most significant Gatling advantages is that it has a number of advanced simulation control features, such as looping constructions, simulating thought time, throttling requests that exceed the intended RPS, and so on.
  • It comes with extensive reporting features that can be customized to meet specific needs.


The advantages of Gatling as a load testing tool of choice have been discussed in this blog post. Gatling is quickly gaining popularity as a tool of choice for many, thanks to its expressive DSL and great support for HTTP Protocol.

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