In order to evaluate the performance of a mobile application, there are some metrics that you can check during the load testing process. You can take a look at the following list of load testing metrics to consider while evaluating the performance of your application:

1. Metrics for Web Servers

  • Threads that are occupied and threads that are idle – Is there a requirement of extra web servers or is there a need to do some extra tasks?

  • Bandwidth Necessities – Is there a bottleneck in the network that creates a problem

  • What is your throughput? – What is the number of transactions per second that you can endure?

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2. Metrics for App Servers

  • Is there a need for more application servers to distribute the load?

  • CPU utilization – What intensity of CPU utilization is required for each load?

  • Did you check if there are memory vulnerabilities or breaches when it comes to memory usage?

  • Are worker threads configured properly and correctly?

3. Metrics for the Host

  • Do you have any issues with network interfaces when it comes to CPU, memory, and storage?

  • What processes are currently being executed on the host?

4. Metrics for the App

  • Did you check the time that is used in the logic layer – Which layer slows down when the load rises?

  • Logic layer calls – How frequently internal web services are called in the logic layer?

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5. Metrics for the APIs

  • How much throughput can be tolerated in transactions per second?

  • Is there a bottleneck in data in terms of bits per second?

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